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Remote control or radio control is so addictive. However, it can be an expensive hobby to get involved in. Here you will find the best RC cars and all types of RC, so when it comes to selecting the best RC toy for yourself or as a gift you will know what to look for. That way you will save a lot of money in the long-run. Just buying anything with the idea of just trying it out could be a very expensive venture.

You could spend a whole lot of money just to find out the RC toy you purchased is not what you hoped for. There are many types just in the car/truck category. You have RC trucks, RC cars and of course the good old RC buggy. The buggy has always been a favourite of mine. I like the ability to have a good run on the tar as well as the ability to take it straight off-road and still have great performance. Driving in the dirt is so much fun, getting it sideways and flicking it into corners is just the best.

But that is just me personally. Your choice will depend entirely on where you will be driving your RC vehicle the most. Apart from the driven vehicles I will also talk about other types of RC vehicles for air, water as well as land that will excite all types of hobbyist. Below I go over each briefly and you can continue to read more in-depth RC reviews on their respective pages.

RC CarsBest-RC-Car

Everyone is different though, and a lot of people prefer to race on tar tracks. An RC car or RC drift car would be a better fit for that. They still have the same capabilities as the buggy, but they are more suited to the road. They have different tires, and the suspension and chassis setups are different.  The drift cars are great fun and flick into corners on tar the way a buggy does on dirt. Hours of fun to be had, especially if you plan on driving mainly indoors or on the tar. They also have cool skins or covers that look just like your favorite sports cars. These skins are also interchangeable so if you get sick of one look, you can always change to a different style.

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RC BuggyBest-RC-Buggy

The buggy which is sort of a mix between on-road and off-road vehicles. Stronger chassis and they have a more knobby tread on the tires which is better for gripping the dirt. It also fires a pretty wicked rooster tail out the back! The buggy is good for transitioning from road to dirt or a dirt track that is fairly smooth. That is no big ditches or holes for the small wheels to get stuck in. They are good for smallish kind of jumps but anything too big and they will struggle.

There are also what they call an RC truggy. Which is what the name implies, a mix between a truck and a buggy. They are quite durable, but, use them on terrain that is too rough and you will find out how expensive this hobby can be. The suspension can only travel so far, so if you continue to exceed its limits, you will have problems. Big jumps and ditches etc is more suited to the trucks.

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RC Trucksbest-rc-truck

There are 2 main types of RC trucks. You have the monster trucks and just the simple pickups. Both are good for launching off basically anything! They are strong and tough but not unbreakable. They will launch off big jumps, land and just keep going ready for the next obstacle. Thicker chassis and longer travel shock absorbers allow for rougher use of the truck. But don’t send it off the end of a cliff and expect it to survive. Trucks do have a limit however that limit is hugely increased from the RC car or RC buggy. They have much more durable tires also. Great for ripping it up and going over just about anything in their path.

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RC BoatsBest-RC-Boats

If the track or sky simply doesn’t do it for you, there is always the water option. RC boats are loads of fun and they can really get up and going with the more advanced brushless motors.

It is not all go fast though, there is a boat to suit everyone from all ages and skill levels. You can get starter boats that are perfect for the kids who like to drive boats. These will satisfy the appetite of any budding your boat captain. Once they are more experienced in how the boats handle on the water, then you can move up to the brushless electric boats. These things can do anywhere from 30+ MPH! Now that is a fast RC watercraft.

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Plus more to come…

Nitro RC vs Electric RC

Finally, for the million dollar question. Nitro or Electric? The decision here will rest solely on a few different factors. For years the electric units with their brush type motors has a lot of problems with overheating and also the brushes themselves wearing. This paved the way for the nitro powered vehicles to come to the forefront. The electric motors had a limited battery life so you could only drive them for short periods before having to wait for the batteries to recharge…boring!

Nitro on the other hand, was quick, nimble and relatively cheap to buy the nitro. A full tank of nitro would last for about 20-25 minutes of non-stop driving. Once you ran out, you could simply refuel and go again. However, as with the brush type motors, the engines and components wear also. So eventually engines and other RC components would have to be replaced. Nitro fuel toys also gave off a lot of fumes from the fuel burn and they also are very loud. In saying that, traditionalists wouldn’t have it any other way. They, just like me, love the sound of them buzzing around and the smell of the fuel burning gets the heart racing in an exciting way.

The Birth Of Brushless

Now there are brushless RC motors. These have a huge potential over nitro. Due to there being no brushes, there is less friction and resistance and therefore less heat. The less heat allows for better cooling and prevents these motors from overheating. Another huge benefit of them is they can reach speeds right up there with the nitro cars. Matching them and in some cases surpassing them. Due to them being electric, they do not give off the fumes the nitro’s do and they are much quieter. The only setback with them is the same old problem of battery life.

But this has been helped with the introduction of LiPo batteries for RC. LiPo or Lithium Polymer batteries have better storage capacities and come in many different shapes and sizes. They are lightweight and offer fast discharge rates. They can be expensive to purchase initially, plus you need a special charger for these types of batteries. Also they need to be cared for though so as not to damage the cells.


So there you have it. Both fuel types have their positives and negatives! So it all depends on the user at the end of the day. The batteries are expensive to purchase at the beginning, but if they are cared for properly can be used over and over. Nitro, will always have wearing parts that need to be replaced and they also need their engines run in. They require tuning and a lot of maintenance. They are noisy and fumy. But I personally wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the sound of them and the smell of the nitro gets my heart going. So it is personal preference. If you want easy to use and maintain, brushless electric with LiPo batteries is the best. However, if you like to tinker and love the sound of the cars buzzing around then you should go for a nitro.

I hope this has helped you decide. Click on one of the links below to read more about the specific area of RC that you like.



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