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My name is Glen Bonham, I am a big kid at heart and I have a soft spot for RC vehicles. I still remember the first one I got when I was about 10 years old. I drove it everyday until I got distracted and drove it into a parked cars wheel. I broke the front right corner out of the front end. Back then parts were very hard to come by and very expensive. Needless to say i was devastated. Nowadays parts are much easier to come by and there are so many different types of vehicle on the market. It all becomes a little confusing, so maniacRC.com was born.

ManiacRC.com is an idea that I created to help guide people in the right direction when they are looking to purchase an RC toy. There are so many options out there and we aim to try and simplify the decision making process by supplying readers with unbiased reviews of (in our opinion) the top 3 RC toys in every category. Readers may not agree with our choices but they are only meant as a guide. Readers personal preferences will determine which vehicle they will eventually buy.

With so many suppliers of both vehicles and also spare parts, having an RC hobby is now within reach for everyone. Much more affordable for the average Joe who wants to get involved with RC. But i must warn you, it is very addictive so make sure you have plenty of time to spare. There is a good chance this will become your number one obsession before long!

So take a look at our top 3 picks in each category and see if you agree. Be sure to bookmark the site so you can come back anytime. As new and better options become available, we will update the site accordingly.