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Aquacraft Minimono Brushless 2.4GHz RC Boat

Aquacraft Minimono Brushless 2.4GHzThe market is awash with toy speed boats that have quite a number of features that lovers of water sports find exciting. However, deciding which RC boat to go for depends on individual tastes and compelling features that the aqua craft has when comparison to other speed boats in a similar price range. Some of the features that most buyers look for include: the motor, the power source, the radio system among other vital features. Aquacraft Minimono Brushless 2.4GHz is one of the boats catching the attention of buyers. In case you are looking for reliable and credible information about this RC boat, you are in the right place. This review takes a critical look at this machine by discussing the features mentioned above as well as highlighting some of the apparently weaknesses of this speed boat.

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Aquacraft Minimono Features:

  • Water-cooled 28-30-2200kV brushless motor
  • 20A ESC with Deans Ultra Plug connector
  • Tactic 2.4GHz radio system with interference-free control, no-crystal convenience and Secure Link Technology
  • A breakaway feature allows the rudder to swing back and avoid damage upon impact with an object in the water
  • Hull: Molded plastic
  • Motor: 28-30-2200kV brushless
  • Radio: Tactic 2.4GHz
  • Electronic Speed Control: 20A LiPo compatible
  • Rudder: Breakaway design that allows rudder to swing back if it strikes an object and then return to correct position
  • Stand: Molded plastic



For a start, the minimono is a mini-sized model of these speed boats. In essence, if you are looking for a medium sized or large aqua boat, this is not the ideal selection for you. However, given the kind of activities that these kinds of speed boats are used for plus the prohibitive costs of some of the bigger boats, it is no wonder that many users prefer the mini-sized speed boats. This mini-sized boat has a length of just 18’’. This allows you to have fun by easily maneuvering it at full throttle on lakes and small ponds; a feat that is hard to accomplish with bigger speed boats. Other than the size, consider the following vital features of this maritime machine.

The Motor

The minimono uses a molded plastic brushless motor. This is a synchronous electric motor that is moved around electronically powered by a DC powering magnet that moves this motor around within its stator. This kind of motor has numerous advantages over the brushed motors. For instance, by lacking brushes and the physical commutator it means the buyer of this speed boat will have fewer parts that can wear out or in the extreme case, break. This accounts less cost on parts for repairing and replacing numerous parts. More importantly, experience demonstrates that brush-less motors are more reliable, more efficient and last longer than their brushed counterparts. Actually, brushed motors can have life expectancy that cross the 10, 000 hour mark.

Another advantage of this type of motor is its ability to operate at speeds higher than 10,000rpm in both unloaded and loaded conditions. When you add the fact that a brushed motor operates with less noise and minimal electronic interference because all its internal parts are enclosed, you will appreciate why this feature gives the Minimono an edge over aqua boats using brushed motors.

Power Source

The Minimono is powered by Lipo batteries. These batteries offer some compelling advantages to anyone seeking maximum fun in the water at modest prices. For instance, Lipo batteries are much lighter in weight. This enhances efficiency in the use of power since the boat has less weight to carry along than if it was using other types of heavier batteries. Secondly, Lipo batteries provide much higher capacities than NiMH batteries. This means they hold much more power in comparison to other popular batteries; power is essential for a speed boat, the more the power you can get from the battery system the better the performance of the boat. The fact that Lipo batteries deliver a much higher discharge rate, you get more punch from these batteries than from most other batteries in the market.

The downside of these batteries comes with how you handle them. Buyers of minimono have to bear in mind that Lipo batteries require specialized care especially when it comes to charging. It is advisable to ensure that you always use a Lipo-compatible charger any time you charge these batteries. This way you avoid damaging the batteries unnecessarily.

The Lipo- compatible charger will also ensure there is balancing in the battery. This refers to the act of equalizing the actual voltage of individual cells in the battery pack so that each of the cells discharges the same amount. This not only helps with the actual performance of the battery but is also vital for safety reasons.

The Radio System

The radio consists of Tactic TTX300 2.4 GHz pistol grip system which allows for automated channel selection as well as interference free control of RC models. The comfortable and light TTX300 is easy to operate and offers some nice extras. The channels can be programmed to easily control any auxiliary function. The transmitter needs 4 ‘AA’ batteries. It is worth noting that you should not mix old and new cells for optimum performance of this system of the RC boat.

However, one advantage about this system is that the radio compartment is water tight. This protects it from any damage occasioned by seepage of water into the compartment. The compartment is well laid out providing balanced running and easy access to the other vital components.

Users of this speed boat will like the hatch design of the cockpit which enhances the aesthetic appeal while keeping the on-board electronics dry and safe. Taping down for a completely watertight seal is easy yet it removes with ease for fast battery changes.

The Rudder

In case you have encountered the problem of RC boats’ rudder failing to swing back, you will not experience this with the minimono. The wedge of this boat is designed to allow it to swing back thus avoiding damage from any underwater objects.

One challenge you might get with this speed toy is that in case it flips over, it will not right itself. However, this will happen if you take sharp turns at extreme speeds. If you do that be ready to swim or take a kayak to correct the problem.

This toy is remarkably fast for its size and power. Users get thrilled by this. Once you buy the minimono you will quickly realize that one does not need prior experience to operate this RC boat. If only you handle it right and avoid jacking it to full speed at the start but rather allow it to build up speed, you will have exciting moments with this mini-sized boat. Anyone who needs a mini-sized speed boat that will deliver superb performance without having to spend a fortune, Aquacraft Minimono Brushless 2.4GHz is w worthy companion that will not disappoint.

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Pro Boat Blackjack Catamaran Brushless RC Boat

Pro Boat Blackjack Catamaran Brushless RC BoatIs boating your hobby? Probably you could be experiencing the best time of your life operating boats. You could be a sportsperson specialized in boating activities. Well, your hobby needs a specialized boat that works efficiently to meet your sporting or touring needs. Working with a well-featured boat makes your activities more fun and enjoyable. If you are new to boats, then having the best boat for a start sounds kind of cool. The current technology has moved away from manually operated boats to digitally operated vessels. The technology has equipped the modern boats with radio transmitters, powerful engines and excellent speedometers to give you a quick ride. With the different generations of boats being faced out, new RC boats are coming up, and their efficiency has seen them used widely by boat lovers. RC boat stands for a Remote controlled boat. The review below discusses in depth the unique features, selling points, why this boat is an excellent purchase and the side downs of this RC Boat.

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Blackjack Catamaran Features:

  • Capable of reaching speeds of 30 MPH with optional accessories
  • Equipped with a brushless 2000Kv water-cooled motor and 30A Li-Po compatible ESC
  • Includes 2.4GHz Pro Boat radio system
  • Off-set rudder system provides superb stability and keeps the Blackjack-24 glued to the water
  • Hull mounted waterproof steering servo
  • One piece internal electronics tray
  • Convenient drain plug
  • Waterproof electronics


Pro Boat Blackjack Catamaran Brushless: RTR by Toy Boat, 24 is an amazing RC boat. It’s made from quality materials making it durable. You will find a long lasting battery in this boat that works for long hours. Its technology is mounted with a radio system transmitter capturing waves and signals from a distance. This makes it the most secure boat in your waters. The boat also features a motor and a power source with a brushless operation.

Pro Boat Blackjack is powered by a heavy motor. It features a brushless motor technology, and this means that it lacks the friction seen in brush motors. This brushless motor converts electricity to power, and this guarantees you a faster and efficient boat. The motor size is 2000 KV hence powerful to propel this boat. This allows this boat to reach up to 30 MPH speeds which is faster than same sized boats in your water. With a 24 inch size, this boat is manageable by a single person. A complete set of this radio controlled boat features a high-performance LiPo battery that gets its power from the brushless motor. This battery is rechargeable hence allowing a continuous engine flow.

Pro Boat Blackjack has a 2.4 GHz radio system transmitter with dual channels. The boat radio system is designed to offer security while you are riding. When it flips over and moves away from your desired direction, you can press a radio button to stabilize it back, and your riding continues. This non-flipping technology makes it easy to handle your boat when making sharp corners, circles and bends.

The boat also features an offset rudder system that ensures your Pro Boat Blackjack remains on your waterway. This Catamaran design has double mounted hull with a waterproof cover that provides stability in rough waters. You will always be protected from strong and heavy water tides. The boat also features red and black coloration making it visible and attractive. Its sharp bow makes it run through rough waters with ease.

Some of the selling points of this Pro Boat Blackjack include; the high speed and the controllable nature that this boat works on. This speed makes all the rival boaters admire your boat. The great brushes and the ease to generate power via the motor make this boat ideal for you. Besides, the presence of a hull technology and the radio transmitters present to ensure your safety as you ride. This is enhanced by the continued communication with your boat. The unit is cheap compared to its performance and having it is an added advantage to your hobby and your sporting life.

With the best features on this Pro Boat Blackjack vessel, there are side downs that should not be overlooked. The hull technology doesn’t protect your boat fully from flipping. The unit requires additional purchases that do not come with the boat. These include; batteries both for the transmitter and the boat. The boat cannot be operated on heavy tides.

In conclusion, the Pro Boat Blackjack Catamaran ranks the best in electrically operated boats. With a remote controlled technology, you will be able to use its radio transmitter with ease hence controlling the boat becomes easy. Added features make Pro Boat Blackjack the best for your outdoor activities. As you plan to check out on this review, consider the efficiency of the boat and you will have the best experience in your sports and fun activities.

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Traxxas DCB M41 Brushless Catamaran RC Boat

Traxxas DCB M41 Brushless Catamaran Boat with TQi 2.4Traxxas DCB M41 Brushless Catamaran Boat with TQi 2.4 GHz Radio and TSM: MORE THAN JUST AN RC BOAT!

If you are an avid water sports lover, then you definitely would require that your water craft of choice be a machine with versatility, durability and that it is able to meet if not exceed all that you need in one. If boating is what tickles your fancy in terms of water sports, the best RC boat in the market that you can find is the Traxxas DCB M41 Brushless Catamaran Boat with TQi 2.4 GHz Radio and TSM. This is a watercraft that will never let you down, as it is intricately designed to compliment your hobby by over-delivering to whoever is lucky enough to own or ride in it.

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Traxxas DCB M41 Features:

  • Fast! 50+mph on 6S LiPo!*
  • 40″ DCB M41 Widebody Catamaran replica
  • Stable! Twin-hull catamaran performs across waves and smooth water
  • Water-cooled, waterproof VXL-6s Marine speed control
  • 6S LiPo compatible with built-in Low-Voltage Detection
  • Traxxas High-Current Connectors (patented)
  • Velineon 540XL high-output brushless motor with high flow water-cooling jacket
  • Quick-release Power Module integrates power system with waterproof electronics
  • Adjustable battery trays with hook-and-loop straps
  • Blue-anodized aluminum rudder support, rudder, and drive strut
  • Stainless steel trim tabs, and hardware
  • TQi 2.4GHz radio system and 5-channel receiver
    • Access the Traxxas Link app with the Traxxas Link Wireless Module (#6511) (sold separately)
  • Traxxas Stability Management™ (TSM™) makes it easy to go fast
  • Waterproof high-torque steering servo
  • Sleek design with stunning factory-applied graphics for extra excitement and visbility
  • Ready-To-Race®
  • Traxxas factory support


The Traxxas Stability Management comprises superior tuning algorithms which run on electronic components on high speed which in turn ensure greater control of the watercraft. The Stability Management can be fine tuned or even completely turned off by using the multi function knob on the TQi transmitter. Alternatively, the Traxxas Link app contains a slider which can be used to carry out the same function.

The hull of the Traxxas DCB M41 Brushless Catamaran is of the style of a vacu-formed ABS catamaran shoe box. It also contains graphics that have been applied by the factory, an in-built foam flotation mechanism as well as a meticulously detailed cockpit. It has a detachable hatch that is able to be removed with just one clip. This clip has been attached to a rubber lanyard, a measure that has been taken in order to prevent loss.

The drive system of this catamaran is in a class of its own. It has a rudder and rudder support with quick release flex cables. The drive of the watercraft is strut extruded as well as machined from an aluminum alloy in order to maximize the strength of the vessel as well as provide precision in control. It also has an out-drive height and angle that both can be adjusted to those that are required by the driver.

In addition, the vessel’s trim tabs are made of stainless steel with a Water cooled Traxxas Velineon 540XL brush less motor. The extremely high temperatures are usually sintered by magnets made of Neodymium, coupled with precision balanced rotors as well as high speed ball bearings. The electronic speed of the watercraft is controlled by VXL-6S marine with Traxxas High-Current

battery connectors which have been designed specifically to handle 6S powers.

2.4GHz TQi radio is also included, and this radio may optionally be equipped with a Traxxas Link Wireless Module. This is an accessory that is sold separately, and it is able to convert the phone of the driver into a very powerful tuning tool. This is mainly compatible with iPhones and iPads. However, the iPhone must be a 4S or later versions, but nor earlier models than that.

The catamaran has a Traxxas steering servo that is waterproof and produces high-torque. It has a two blade composite propeller and adjustable battery trays which have been secured with loop and hook straps.

With this product, you are able to put two 3S lipos in. The lipos, are however sold separately from the catamaran. It is also not possible to run the boat on one lipo. You require matching lipos, be it 2S or 3S lipos, you are required to ensure that the both of them match in order for the boat to be able to run. The 3S means 3 cells and 2S means 2 cells. You are also required to use a Traxxas end connector cable, as this is the cable that is compatible with the Traxxas catamaran.

The Traxxas catamaran also does not come with a charger, but it is easy to find and purchase one separately, be it online or from boating equipment shops. Should you desire to increase the run-time, you can step up to using four big 3S lipos.

In conclusion, we can say that in your quest for the the best RC boat in the market, you need to look no further than the Traxxas DCB M41 Brushless Catamaran Boat. As a watersport lover, especially as a boating enthusiast, you will definitely never go wrong with this boat. This is a watercraft that is way more than just a boat. It is an experience. An experience of a lifetime, an experience that is close, if not impossible to forget!

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