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RC Buggy

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If you are having trouble deciding which type of RC toy to get, then there is another option. Not sure whether you want an RC car to use on road or an RC truck to take off road? If you’re torn between choosing a car or a truck, then the RC buggy is a great option to drive as a car on road and as a truck when off road. RC buggies are popular among tarmac track racers as they look a bit like F1 Racing cars.

To better understand what buggies are, RC cars run on the smooth roads or tarmac tracks. RC trucks, on the other hand, can handle some of the toughest roads with the roughest terrains. However, buggies lie in between handling both the smooth roads and the roughest roads with ease. The RC Buggy can go over the steepest of mad inclines where normal cars can never go.

If just starting, the RC Buggy is an excellent option that will test your skills and get you ready for pro racing.

RC Buggy Types

RC buggies are powered by either a fuel powered engine or an electric motor. When making a choice to buy an RC buggy, one of the greatest considerations is whether to go for a fuel or electric powered engine. Non-electric buggies are powered by glow engines that use a methanol based fuel containing nitromethane. Nitro RC is a term used to refer to the type of fuel used in their engines.

The new electric buggies, on the other hand, use brushless motors and two 7.4V cells LIPO batteries to power and run the motors. This has been a revolution in the past few years from the nitro powered cars. Brushless electric buggies are quite easy to use but you have to keep charging the batteries. The older style of electric motor was brushed. Meaning it had more wearing mechanical parts that would eventually need replacing. Also, the friction caused by these brushes caused the motors to overheat during prolonged use. The brushless motors have eliminated this issue.

The choice when buying an RC buggy comes down to your specific needs for the RC buggy. Each type has its own pros and cons and one must make an informed choice before deciding on which one to purchase. Choosing between nitro and brushless electric has always posed a challenge for RC hobbyists out there. Let’s go through the cons and pros of each to help you make an informed decision on the right pick for you.

Nitro RC Buggy Pros and Cons


  • The noise and fumes from the buggy create an improved realism when driving them.
  • You get to learn more mechanical skills like tuning.
  • Faster than brushed electric motors.
  • More water resistant than electric powered RC buggies.


  • Noisy and may affect other people nearby.
  • They are a bit difficult to tune, break in and maintain during the initial learning curve.
  • Most lack reverse.
  • The operational costs are higher on the long term.
  • Produce fumes that are not ideal for indoor use.
  • Heavy and likely to break when crashed.

Brushless Electric RC Buggy Pros and Cons


  • Electric RC Buggies are much easier to use the nitro buggies with a simple electric circuit.
  • All you need is to charge the batteries and you’re ready to drive. There is no tuning required but a simple plug and play.
  • Brushless electric RC buggies are quiet and will not disturb your neighbors with loud sounds.
  • You can easily use them indoors if you have RC tracks.
  • They are usually of similar or higher speeds to those of nitro.
  • The brushless work well for the beginners as they are quite easy to use.
  • The electrical systems do not fail that often unless you damage the main components.


  • The type of batteries used determines runtime.
  • Brushless electric are usually more expensive and difficult to repair in case of damages.
  • They can sometimes be too fast for younger drivers who are just starting.


Buggies have become popular and make a great choice if you are just starting into RC vehicles. They are great at testing your off-road and on-road capabilities. Until you decide for sure whether you would rather be only on road or only off road then a buggy is perfect as they can do both. Click the links below to find out more about my top 3 brushless electric and nitro buggies.



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