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Nitro RC Cars

If you are anything like me, then you are a sucker for a cool nitro RC car. You just can’t beat the sound and smell of a nitro RC. There are many arguments that go against my choice of RC toy, but everyone always has a preference. Reasons like, if you are going to predominantly be driving inside or you have close neighbors. If you don’t want to upset them then nitro fuel might not be the right option for you. The noise and fumes can prove to be a bit much in some situations.

A nitro RC car also needs a lot of maintenance. New engines need to be ‘run in’ before you can just go out and tear the track up. Fine tuning that will need to be carried out on a regular basis as parts wear. Some parts will need to be replaced as they wear out, but I see that as half the fun though.

Hopefully I haven’t turned you off nitro RC. It can be a lot of fun, but if you would rather not keep fiddling with adjustments maybe a brushless electric RC car would suit you better. They have just as much get up and go as many nitro cars without all the noise, fumes and maintenance.

Electric RC Cars

Electric cars do have their own downfalls also. They struggle with battery life. Although now they have the LiPo batteries (Lithium Polymer) batteries that are lightweight and last longer than the old NiCad’s. However, as you would imagine, they are more expensive than your general batteries. Once you have discharged your batteries then you have to re-charge them before you can continue to use your RC toy. You might think to buy more than one so as to keep the down-time to a minimum. Costs start to become greater when you decide to take this path. Not to mention the LiPo batteries have a special LiPo charger, you can’t use an old type charger to re-charge these new batteries. Another good thing about the electric cars is now the motors are brushless. Creating less wearing parts and lowering the friction of the motor dramatically. This allows you to drive the car longer without the risk of overheating.

It really just comes down to personal preference. Some like nitro and others will be more inclined to go for an electric option.

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