Brushless RC Cars

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Redcat Racing Lightning EPX PRO Brushless RC Car

Redcat Racing Lightning EPX PRO Brushless RC
Redcat Racing Lightning EPX PRO

The Redcat Racing Lightning EPX PRO is a brushless RC electric car that is no slouch! Like a bolt of colorful lightning this car is not to be sneezed at.

A RTR RC car that you can pull out of the box, fit a charged battery and be driving within minutes! Hours of fun to be had, only limited by the battery life. Having a back-up battery may just be a necessity.

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Lightning EPX PRO Features:

  • Electric brushless 3300KV 540 Novatech motor
  • Vibrant polycarbonate body
  • Forward and reverse transmission
  • 2.4GHz Radio, 7.4v 3500mAh LIPO 15C & Charger Included
  • Transmitter requires 8 AA batteries

The powerful brushless 3300KV motor now comes with a LIPO battery for extended driving time. Coupled with the Lightning’s lightweight plastic chassis, this car has the potential to reach blistering speeds.

Forward as well as reverse included in the transmission. Which makes it easy to back out of any sticky situations that you might get into. Avoid the pileup on the last corner, just back out and drive around them to victory. The reliable 2.4GHz radio system provides a very responsive control for weaving in and out of traffic. Crazy fast top speeds.

Aluminum capped, oil filled shocks and fully tunable independent suspension just like a real race car. The ability to fully tune the damping rate and high grip on-road tires which will help to provide you with race winning traction.

Now available with LIPO battery and charger included. So no further costs to outlay for after buying the car.




Kyosho Fazer VE Audi R8 AWD Stealth Brushless Electric RC Car

Kyosho Fazer VE Audi R8 AWD Stealth
Kyosho Fazer VE Audi R8 AWD Stealth

The Fazer VE brings inexpensive, powerful electric brushless power to the street. All housed within this sleek, and attractive body. Official factory licensed and painted, trimmed and ready to mount. Strong factory mounted 2.4GHz radio system that has more endurance and range than most.

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Fazer VE Stealth Specs:

  • Team Orion NEON ONE brushless motor. (2400Kv)
  • Chassis comes fully assembled
  • SYNCRO KT-200 2ch Radio System fitted
  • Pre-painted assembled body with decals applied
  • Sealed differential and transmission delivers the reliability for rough road racing performance
  • Fixed length suspension arms eliminate the need for camber, caster and toe-in (front) adjustment
  • Official factory licensed body for the cleanest, sharpest looking car on the street; Factory painted, trimmed and ready to mount
  • Factory installed 2.4 GHz radio with a strong signal that endures beyond practical limits
  • High traction tires are pre-mounted to the wheels for instant action and another full set of drift-ready wheels and tires are also included
  • Oil-filled shocks smooth out the ride and improve handling of the Fazer VE
  • Fazer VE Audi RB is an officially licensed product of AUDI AG

The Fazer VE comes pre-assembled (RTR), so no need for assembly once you receive it. Just plug in a charged battery and you are away. Bringing a new era of powerful, inexpensive, low-maintenance electrical car. The brushless RC motor is much more efficient than the old brushed motors. Shaft driven, eliminates the problems common with belt-driven cars. Dirt and foreign objects were a real problem for the belt-driven cars, but now the shaft-driven models have basically eliminated these issues. Servo units as well as ESC engine are waterproof, which makes for a tough machine ready to tear up the track.


Sealed differential and transmission ensures maximum performance even on dirt tracks. Set up for moderate speed, an optional yet inexpensive pinion provides you with blistering top speeds.

The oil filled, aluminum capped shock absorbers create a smooth ride and outstanding handling. Fixed length rods in the suspension, eliminate the need for camber, toe-in and caster adjustments. Finally, the factory fitted SYNCRO KT-200 2ch Radio System provides precision control of this RC toy. Longer range and strong signal allows you to go beyond practical limits safely.




Redcat Racing Rampage XR

Brushless RC Rally Car 

Redcat Racing Rampage XR Brushless RC Rally Car
Redcat Racing Rampage XR RC Rally Car

Why go for just a simple RC car when yoou can have the real deal? This rally car is a huge 1:5 scale, great for getting your fix for real car driving! More room will be needed to maneuver this bad boy, but it will be so worth it. Ultra responsive transmitter, so you can be sure that you will always maintain complete control of the XR rally car.

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XR Rally Car Features:

  • Electric Brushless 980KV Motor
  • Powerful 150A Electronic Speed Controller
  • 4WD Single Speed Transmission
  • 2.4GHz Radio Included
  • Qty. 2 – 11.1v 3600mAh LIPO batteries 
  • Charger Included

Take your RC hobby to the extreme, with this huge 1:5 scale XR rally car. Biggest scale vehicle on Maniac RC in the car category. Large scale RC toys like this are not for the faint-hearted. 840mm in length and a wheelbase of 500mm, you will need plenty of room to navigate this monster around. Handles like a real car with an 150A electronic speed controller. Makes for hours of fun in competition or just for fun on the weekend.

Dual 11.1v LIPO batteries power the 980Kv brushless motor for fast and responsive drive to all wheels. Great power and torque gets the large chassis tearing along and ripping up whatever gets in its way. Providing you with long stints of high speed fun before needing to recharge the batteries.

The Rampage XR has a single speed transmission and sealed differentials. Metal gears and solid shafts connecting the heavy duty driveline. 4mm T6 aluminum chassis provides serious durability while maintaining a lightweight but maneuverable vehicle.

Aluminum capped, oil filled shock absorbers ensure great handling and constant ground contact even on rough surfaces. Long range 2.4GHz 2 channel radio controller included gives total control over long and short distances.




Only for serious hobbyists looking for a large scale brushless RC toy to play with. If this sounds too big for what you are looking for then I recommend one of the first 2 cars on this page.


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