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Redcat Racing Lightning STR Nitro Car

Best Nitro RC car for Beginners
Redcat Racing Lightning STR Nitro RC Car

The Redcat Racing Lightning STR is a great first nitro RC car. Many would argue that a nitro car is not something a beginner should be driving. But I think that if you are starting out in nitro then this is your best option. It won’t attack your hip pocket and you can easily move onto better and faster cars later on. The Lightning will give you a good introduction to the world of nitro RC. You should be able to get started for around $200. That will include your car, starter and fuel.

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Lightning STR Features:

  • Powerful Vertex VX-16 engine
  • 2 speed centrifugally shifted transmission
  • 75cc capacity fuel tank
  • Aluminum capped, oil filled shocks
  • Lightweight aluminum chassis
  • 20% nitro
  • 2.4GHz radio system

The 16cc engine is capable of getting your heart a flutter. The VX-16 has a lightweight heatsink to enable better cooling and performance. Features an aluminum fin cooled exhaust manifold and tuned pipe. 2 speed centrifugally shifted transmission coupled to the shaft driven 4WD drive-train. Provides crazy 1st gear acceleration and high top end speed in 2nd gear. The shift point of the gears can be manually changed by a simple twist of a screw.

Composite disc brakes and the 2.4GHz radio system give it amazing stopping power. Aluminum capped, oil filled shocks with adjustable independent suspension. Similar to real race cars with fully tunable dampening. Earlier models had plastic capped shocks which had a tendency to become loose and come off. However, that has been remedied with the aluminum capping. Realistic tar racing tires for outstanding traction. Large capacity 75cc fuel tank allows for extended driving time. Comes completely assembled so no need for long tedious building sessions. Requires 12 AA batteries, 4 for the car and 8 for the controller.

Great for a first car or someone who is just starting out with RC nitro. It is also recommended that you purchase a Starter Kit and some 20% nitro fuel. This will save a lot of frustration when trying to get your car started.

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Kyosho Corvette C6R Nitro RC Car

Kyosho 33202B FW-06 Corvette C6R Nitro RC Car
Kyosho 33202B FW-06 Corvette C6R Nitro RC Car

The Corvette C6R is a RTR (ready to run) unit. Make no mistake, RTR does not mean inferior in any way. Not this one! This is a heavily tested, most well-equipped high performance RTR nitro RC cars on the market.  The FW-06 has taken proven technology from its predecessor the FW-05RR. This makes it a great choice for your next RC toy.

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Corvette C6R Features:

  • GXR 15 Engine with recoil starter
  • 2 speed clutch shifted transmission
  • Shaft driven 4WD drive-train
  • 2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P RC system
  • Fully adjustable, maintenance friendly rear suspension
  • Aluminum housed oil filled shocks

GXR 15 engine fitted with a slide carburetor as well as a low idle adjustment and return spring. Coupled to a shaft driven 4WD drive-train, featuring a locked front differential. Which creates the feel of a solid front axle. This can be converted to a gear differential like the rear one if preferred, also they can be tuned with different fluid types. 2 speed transmission with a clutch type shifting mechanism. Provides smooth and consistent shifting every time.

High strength disc brake holders and the 2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P RC system provide strong and consistent braking.  Highly responsive digital servos connected to turnbuckle tie-rods and rear upper arms for ultimate steering alignment.

Equipped with 22 efficient ball bearings for full bearing specification. Fitted with tuned pipe exhaust and large air cleaner for better flow. New quick-fill fuel tank and beautifully formed low center of gravity also a dust free radio box. Separate upper front suspension mountings increases strength and making maintenance easier. The pre-filled oil filled shocks have step less tension adjustment. Different oils can be purchased and installed to change damping characteristics.

The 2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P radio system has a fail-safe option to decelerate the car safely in the event of radio interference. KT-231P transmitter makes finding an open frequency a breeze. High grip 176mm rubber tires with sponge inserts are pre-glued to the wheels. Rear hubs and lower suspension arms featured on the World Champion V-ONE RRR ensures excellent mechanical grip. Some parts are also compatible with the FW-05, but not all parts are compatible.



Kyosho Audi R8 Inferno GT2 Race Spec Nitro RC Car


Kyosho Audi R8 GT2 Nitro RC Car
Kyosho Audi R8 GT2 Inferno Race Spec Nitro RC Car

The Race spec Audi R8 GT2 is an awesome car. With a top speed of 55MPH this vehicle will make you fall in love with nitro toys. Highly detailed 1:10 scale of the Audi R8, looks just like the real thing! Not only does this offer looks, but also strength and style. New powerful engine provides higher top speeds than the previous model GT2. Older models had a 2 speed transmission as a optional extra. Now the IGW-008 transmission comes standard in all new models.

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Audi R8 Inferno GT2 Features:

  • Powerful KE25 engine
  • 2 Speed transmission
  • 20% nitro
  • Front and rear independent disc brakes
  • Huge 150cc capacity fuel tank
  • High grip tires
  • Large capacity air cleaner
  • 2.4GHz Perfex KT-201 radio system

The KE-25 engine delivers more torque than the previous GT2 model and faster top speeds as well. In previous models the 2 speed transmission was an optional extra, now it is the standard equipment. All new models will be coming out with the 2 speed IGW-008 transmission. Kyosho have learned that the with the hi-torque of the KE-25 engine the IGW-008 transmission was necessary to eliminate shift shock. Which gives smoother more controlled shifting between the gears. Which makes it extremely quick off the mark in first gear and crazy fast top end speeds provided by second gear.

The material of the chassis itself has been constructed with a stronger material than previous efforts. Stronger material provides both strength and smoothness in all the right places. Reliable ABS braking system with independent disc brakes on front and rear. Provides unbelievable stopping power, stops just as quick as it accelerates!

Radio System

The Perfex 2.4 GHz KT-201 radio system comes with a blue backlit LED screen which allows you to control all of the settings right from the transmitter. Failsafe feature allows the throttle to reduce and brings a car safely to a stop in the event of radio interference.

Hi-torque KS-200 digital servos incorporating tough metal gears on both the steering and throttle, provides precision control of the large chassis. This car comes readyset or RTR with 2 channel, dual servo control linkages already pre-installed.

This is a big scale RC car which has a pre-cut and pre-painted body with all decals applied already.  The KT-201 transmitter requires 8x AA batteries. Simply fill it with nitro and fit fresh batteries and you will be away.


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